Monday, June 27, 2011

There's a Moose in my Meadow

The ongoing quest for photographs of the animals in our yard continues and this weekend it paid off.  He came sauntering into the meadow in front of the house from the north, leisurely ripping large mouthfuls of grass as he went.

 Then, directly in front of the front door to the garage, he stopped, finding a particularly delicious patch of foliage.  I grabbed my camera and slithered out of the door, keeping an old wooden barrel between me and him, praying he wouldn't spook and leave me naught for my efforts.

He saw me, but found me uninteresting and continued to munch while I was able to watch and snap to my hearts content.

This one I just caught passing through.  He wasn't nearly as interested in sticking around, and I wasn't about to try and entice him to change his mind.

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