Monday, June 13, 2011

A Knife for a Gift

This morning I decided it was high time to get myself back into the shop and let my hands get dirty again.  Lately my mind has been doing all the flexing and stretching, and it needs a break.

My sister is planning a visit to Alaska and has expressed some interest in trying her hand at carving while she is with us.  I'm certainly not a qualified teacher, but I am more than willing to assist her in whatever way I can to see what we can create together.  In that regards, while standing at my workbench and staring at a block of wood and a broken sawsall blade, I decided to make her a knife in anticipation of her arrival.

The block was an old piece of cedar and plywood, glued together for some other forgotten project, and looked like it might just fit the bill for a unique handle.

The grinder handled the bulk of shaping the blade, ensuring it kept cool by repeatedly dipping it in water so the temper wasn't lost.

A brief stop at the band saw and the pieces were ready for gluing.

Some sanding and woodburning and the knife was ready for finish.  A brass rod for the rivet and it was ready to hone.

Stropped and razor sharp it will now wait until Edith arrives and claims her new tool.  It's been a good day; I not only enjoyed being back at the bench, but I also hope my handiwork will bring a little pleasure to whatever she chooses to use it for in the future.

Cedar, Okume 4mm ply, tung oil, clear shellac and wax finish

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