Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Bog Chair

Now that the weather has been warming up I have been able to take my coffee out on the deck.  I've been sitting out there sometimes for hours on end noticing the increase in wildlife, but try as I might I have yet to capture any pictures.  I'm hearing at least two new species of songbird as well as seeing a lot of tracks from rabbits, moose, and squirrels.  They're there - just not when I'm there.

At least it's given me a chance to try out my latest bog chair.  There are few furniture projects easier than this; it's simply two boards, one mortised to accept the "spoon" end of the other.  Because of it's simplicity, it's also easily disassembled and stored.

I was initially exposed to these chairs by friends who were living in Africa and had purchased chairs from a local market.  They were constructed of hardwood, intricately carved, and to the best of my knowledge were called "African Birthing Chairs."   Of the many versions you will find on the net, I really like this design and because of their simplicity, I am thinking of building a few more.

But with the current success rate of my photography, maybe I should think of adding cushions.

SPF 2X10, linseed oil/paraffin wax/turpentine finish

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